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My couch has seen some serious action this weekend. Some OG fly catching naps, epic five handed popcorn eating sessions and a lot of movies, some terrible (Destination Wedding) Some great (Little Women). After a few shows in the motherland last week and traveling home from Blighty via Boston trying not to touch any surfaces, door knobs or my face along the way and covering my extremities from invisible viral attacks, I landed back in LA slightly jet lagged and a little crumpled. By the time I arrived home, I was beginning to feel a bit crappy. Fever, dry cough and headache, all the tell tell signs of the dreaded lurgy spreading it’s contagious microbes around the globe at the moment. I styled it out for 24 hours of lethargy on the couch before trying to get tested in our local A&E here in LA only to be told they didn’t have any tests in California yet and that I should go home and self isolate for a week. So back to the couch it was. More movies, some terrible (Gemini Man), some great (Jojo Rabbit). Another 24 hours of dozing and fever surfing and it was all over. Maybe it was just a random bug, maybe man flu, maybe I just needed 48 hours on our lovely new Living Spaces couch? Either way, thanks to this nasty little virus, my intended trip back home to the motherland this week is now not happening. All of my gigs and appearances have been cancelled/postponed this month. I’m thinking more time on our beloved couch with Mischief and Snowflake (See below), this time with more energy and no fever, enough energy and rare time to write this email to you in fact.

So, stay safe out there, take this unexpected break to spend time with your family, watch a few movies, enjoy your couch, ration loo roll, stay positive and I will see you on the other side of the zombie apocalypse…

Chesney x

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